Clifton Primary School

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I am really pleased with Jude's report. He has thrived this year and thanks to the wonderful staff settled in the school environment well. The staff know Jude and all the children very well and have done an excellent job in making me feel relaxed and confident about his transition over the last year. Thank you all.


It's a pleasure to know that Jack had great progress this year. Not only in communication and understanding in English but in different subjects as well. To have the student enjoying in class and gaining more concentration to have good work been done, class teachers should have a lot credits! Thanks Mrs Young and all teaching assistants.


I am happy with the support George is getting and it’s good to see him gaining confidence year on year.


I am really pleased with Millie’s report and all she has achieved this year.


Another good report for Kiera. She has had a good 6 years at Clifton and she has made great progress. Thank you to all the staff at Clifton for a great job.


We are very pleased with Ethan’s report and progress.


We are really pleased with Tomika’s report and progress this year. Many thanks to all teachers.


We are delighted at Amelia’s school report and very pleased that she seems happy, enthusiastic and has made good progress in her first year at school.


A pleasing report many thanks for all your hard work.


I am very pleased with Harry’s report. He has enjoyed his year and has been encouraged greatly to be more confident. Thank you.